The log of changes. Not in society, though, just in our bot and other stuff.

bc represents imabritishcow’s point-five–based versioning system which, in my opinion, makes no sense, but is included anyway. Semantic versioning is used for the non-parenthesised version numbers.

1.3.0 (bc2.5)

The 1.3.0 update added Loyalty Card–related commands:

Command aliases were added by Orangix—s!card and s!mycard work the same, as well as s!transfer, s!send, and s!pay.

1.1.0–1.2.0 (bc1.5–bc2.0)

These updates added core features. No need for a changelog, plus I'm not really sure what actually happened.

1.0.0 (bc1.0)

This initial version of Simple involved staff commands like setting balances along with the base which involved database software.